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Smart Suggest Pro: recommended products: Quickly find and buy relevant products, with straightforward options for adding or importing them.

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About Smart Suggest Pro

Smart Suggest Pro: upsell and cross-sell with Recommended Products. With Smart Suggest Pro, easily create or import relevant products and integrate them into any theme hassle-free. Our user-friendly setup ensures compatibility with all themes, making it simple to showcase your products exactly where you want them.

But it doesn’t stop there. Smart Suggest Pro provides detailed analytics, giving you insights into customer interactions. Track clicks on relevant products and monitor cart button usage, empowering you to make informed decisions and optimize your sales strategy.

Experience the convenience of Smart Suggest Pro and unlock the full potential of your Shopify store. Increase your sales, improve customer satisfaction, and elevate your e-commerce business with Shopify – Smart Suggest Pro.

Why Smart Suggest Pro?

  • Smart Suggest Pro enhances product management for merchants by integrating relevant products into Shopify themes. With insightful analytics, merchants can track customer interactions, optimize sales strategies, and ultimately boost revenue while providing the best shopping experience that enhances customer satisfaction.

Reasons to use Smart Suggest Pro


How Smart Suggest Pro will work?

Setting up a Smart Suggest Pro section on your store is effortless. Once you’ve customized your store’s theme, begin creating product recommendations for each item to enhance customer engagement. Alternatively, simplify the process by importing products in bulk using Product Handle or SKU to make inventory management more efficient.

By effortlessly tracking customer visits, you can easily visualize which products are crucial as recommended products or which products are most frequently added to the cart from the Smart Suggest block. This valuable insight allows you to optimize your upselling strategy effectively.

For instance, if a user is searching for a ‘Car door visor’ then our recommendation system will display related items such as ‘Tyres’, ‘Sheet covers’, ‘Mirrors’, and more…


Choose a plan that’s right for you


Ideal for individuals who need quick access to basic features.

Free Free
  • Always Free
  • Create Multiple Relevant Products
  • Up to 5 active Relevant Products
  • Up to 4 recommended products with Relevant products
  • Import Bulk Relevant products
  • Limited theme customization

Ideal for individuals who need access to advanced features.

$ 1.99 / Month
  • 5 Days Free Trials
  • Create Multiple Relevant Products
  • Unlimited active Relevant Products
  • Unlimited recommended products with Relevant products
  • Import Bulk Relevant products
  • Fully theme customization support
  • Theme customization support

How it looks like?

Ready to install?

You can install Smart Suggest Pro from Shopify App Store.

Need support?

If you think you need more rules or customization on Smart Suggest Pro then fill free to get in touch and we are here to help you!