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Efficient Product FAQ Expert tool: personalized product based Q&A, Import multiple questions, open for customer questions, easy integration

Product FAQ Expert

Why FAQ Expert?

FAQ Expert enables merchants to create FAQs for individual products and craft questions separately, tailoring them to specific product features. Merchants can associate FAQs directly with products, allowing customers to ask questions relevant to their chosen product, enhancing engagement, and providing detailed product information.

Reasons to use FAQ Expert


How FAQ Expert will work?

Store owners can easily set the FAQ section with Shopify’s default block with the simple steps of configuration given in the app. After successfully theme customization, the Store owner can create a FAQ for a product with a selection of added questions. If the question is not added earlier then the store owner can add a question during the selection of the question as well.

If the store owner has questions ready in bulk then they can import all questions with importing questions and then they can bind questions with the product.

The customer can ask questions to the store owner and the store owner can view that question and answer that question and the customer can get an email for the same asked question. Also, if the merchant feels that this question is genuine and another customer should also know it then they can add this question to the Product FAQ as well.


Choose a plan that’s right for you


Ideal for individuals who need quick access to basic features.

Free Free
  • Data Analytics and statistics
  • Up to 20 Product FAQs
  • Up to 20 Questions
  • Import Bulk Questions
  • Limited customization

Ideal for individuals who need access to advanced features.

$ 1.99 / Month
  • Data Analytics and statistics
  • Unlimited Product FAQs
  • Unlimited Questions
  • Import Bulk Questions
  • Theme customization support
  • Customers can ask questions

How it looks like?

Ready to install?

You can install FAQ Expert from Shopify App Store.

Need support?

If you think you need more rules or customization on FAQ Expert, then fill free to get in touch and we are here to help you!