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Elevate user engagement with our Ultimate Quiz Buddy tool, designed for product-based Q&A. Create multiple questions with ease, invite customer quizzes, and seamlessly integrate for an interactive and enjoyable user journey.

Quiz Buddy

About Quiz Buddy

The ultimate Shopify app for interactive product engagement. Create personalized quizzes effortlessly, drive sales with dynamic discounts, and gain valuable insights through comprehensive analytics.

Effortlessly manage questions, create existing content, and track performance metrics to optimize customer engagement. Whether you’re a seasoned merchant or just starting, Quiz Buddy empowers you to captivate your audience, boost sales, and foster brand loyalty in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

With Quiz Buddy, you can create a quiz for a single product as well as for all products within your chosen correct answer so that when customers submit their quiz, they can get a personalized message with the score.

Why Quiz Buddy?

  • Quiz Buddy lets you easily create custom quizzes for any Product. You can create questions to match your content precisely, making quizzes more engaging for your audience.
  • Plus, participants can explore questions directly related to their interests, boosting interaction and knowledge sharing.

  • Also, After quiz submission, if the customer wants to give a discount based on the score then also customer can set a discount and show a personalized message with that discount code to the customer.

Reasons to use Quiz Buddy


How Quiz Buddy will work?

Integrating the Quizz section into your store is a breeze with Quizz Buddy’s seamless compatibility with Shopify’s default block and straightforward configuration steps provided within the app. Once the theme customization is completed, store owners can effortlessly create quizzes for their products by selecting from added questions and Setting discounts. If a question hasn’t been added previously, the store owner can include it during the selection process.

Additionally, store owner can set correct answer on each question during quiz creation.

End of the quiz, if the store owner wants to set a personal message, image, or discount then also they can set it based on a different set of scores. So customers will get personalized messages based on their score with an image based on the given answer after quiz submission.


Choose a plan that’s right for you


Ideal for individuals who need quick access to basic features.

Free Free
  • Always Free
  • Up to 2 Quiz Creation
  • Up to 2 Active Quiz
  • Discount on quiz submission
  • Individual Product Quiz
  • Universal Product Quizzes
  • Limited customization

Ideal for individuals who need access to advanced features.

$ 2.99 / Month
  • 5 Days Free Trials
  • Unlimited Quizzes
  • Unlimited Active Quizzes
  • Discount on quiz submission
  • Individual Product Quiz
  • Universal Product Quizzes
  • Theme customization support

How it looks like?

Ready to install?

You can install Quiz Buddy from Shopify App Store.

Need support?

If you think you need more rules or customization on Quiz Buddy, then fill free to get in touch and we are here to help you!